Building a highly effective product finder for plants in just 1 day

2 minute read Published on 12-10-2021

About the company is a greenery specialist that delivers to 11 countries: plants are shipped directly from the grower, delivered easily to your home, for a fair price. Their ambition is to become the largest e-commerce platform for greenery products in Europe. All lead by's conviction that green is good for everyone.

The challenge wants to help its online customers with inspiration, advice and the best products. Yet their webshop was only aimed at people who already knew what they were looking for.

"The customer journey used to start when our catalog landed on the door mat, but nowadays customers search for inspiration online," says Marjolein Arts, marketing lead

“For example, a customer may be looking for info on when to prune his beech hedge. Or about which plant fits well in a specific corner of their home."

"This means that our sales process also primarily has to start online, as must be top of mind during the orientation phase. We had the knowledge to make this switch, but not the technical resources.”

The solution

Together with Aiden's experts, created a product finder for indoor plants in just one day. By answering a few questions, the customer receives advice on which indoor plant best suits their preferences.

During the 'App-in-1-day' session, first order of business was drawing up the conversation. In other words: defining the questions and answers that would make up the product finder. Questions we asked ourselves:

  • Who will buy the plants (target audience)?
  • What are the main differences between plants?
  • What do we know about the different ways in which people 'use' plants?
  • What information does need to gather, in order to provide sound advice to the customer?

The end result was a well designed Q&A that was subsequently modeled in the Aiden software. During the second half of the session, the product catalogue was matched to the Q&A. After an extensive test, the app could be integrated directly.

The results

The conversation that Aiden and  designed appears to convert very well. As we can see in Aiden's drop-off insights, the drop-off rate for customers who use the application is very low. A whopping 86 of users makes it to the advice page:

This collected customer data will not only be used to improve the app, but will also support the marketing and buying department. The insights help answer the questions whether the current (or future) products aligns with the needs of the customer.

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