Advice page update ensures increased conversion πŸ‘

1 minute readGepubliceerd op 16-11-2020

The latest Aiden release features an important update to the advice page. We'll illustrate using our fancy new gift finder (which was developed in just 1 week by the Aiden team!).

Previously, the 'view' button that takes users to the product detail page was placed at the bottom of each product card. Since the traceability information would sometimes differ between products, this could lead to layout discrepancies across products:

In the new release, the 'view' button is placed right below the product name and price, and above the traceability information. In addition, we've made each product card collapsible, making for an easier overview:

The new design was tested extensively with different groups of users, and results show that more users now click through to a product detail page from the advice page. A simple fix for increased conversion!

Make sure to check out these changes in your own applications, and feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions.

Marja Silvertant Marja Silvertant

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