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1 minute readGepubliceerd op 23-3-2021

Always wanted to use your product matching as filters in πŸ‘‰ Advice? Now you can! This allows you to easily filter products based on previous matches.

Filters are a great way to drill down on your product catalogue and instantly match multiple products to multiple answers. However, certain types of products, such as gifts, don't actually have functional product specifications. In such cases, the only way to match products to answers is to use expert knowledge about every individual product in your catalogue. Quite a hassle!

In our latest release, we've made the matching process a whole lot easier. Now you can re-use your previously created matches and save time!

For example: You can now select headphones that are a πŸ‘Œ perfect or πŸ‘ good match for 'Children', so you can easily match the same selection of headphones for a use case like 'What type of kid: Gamer'.

Use matching from previous questions as a filter to match products to the next question in your flow

Or, let's say: Not every plant likes to hang out in a bathroom. It gets damp in there, and a bit dark. A logical conclusion is that plants that won't work in a bathroom, wouldn't be a good match in an attic, either.

From now on, you won't have to check for every individual plant whether it's a good match for 'Attic': you can simply select the matching for 'Bathroom' to get the same selection of plants. Easy does it πŸ›

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