📧 Coming up! A weekly report on the performance of your apps

1 minute read Published on 10-5-2022

As you (hopefully) know, your Aiden dashboard has an Analytics section which features lots of helpful stats & insights on the use of your guided selling apps. Starting on Monday, we’ll also send you a weekly email report on their performance.

The first section of the report shows the key metrics of all your apps combined:

Next is a nifty section that shows which products were most clicked that week. We’ll soon add this to the Aiden analytics dashboard as well!

Finally, the weekly report shows a breakdown of the key metrics per app, which makes it easy to see which apps stand out (positively or negatively) from the rest:

The weekly report will be sent every Monday at around 9:00 o’clock, starting on May 16th. Not interested in these reports? You can easily unsubscribe in your Aiden account (under Settings).

As always, we’re curious to hear your thoughts and feedback! We’ll also be working on more helpful email features, such as a notification when new products appear in your feed.

Want to know more about Aiden's new features and improvements? 👉 Take a look at our 🗒 Release notes.


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