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Marja Silvertant
Customer Success Manager

Aiden is looking for an experienced customer success manager who will take our support processes to the next level and ensure even more happy customers.

Marja Silvertant
Junior Business Developer

Sales, business development, growth hacking, whatever you want to call it, we are looking for the perfect candidate to grow our sales team.

Marja Silvertant
Product Owner

Aiden is looking for a product owner with project management skills and a bit of creativity.

Marja Silvertant
Fullstack Developer

Who still practices single stack these days? We certainly don't! That's why we're looking for a medior / senior full stack developer - with a slight preference for the frontend - to complement our team of other fullstack devs and help us grow our SaaS application.

Marja Silvertant
New! Add images to answers 📸

This week we've got a fun update for you. It's now possible to add images to your conversation. Make it easier for your customers to pick the right answer by offering visual support. Here's how it works:


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