E-commerce is broken

E-commerce can and should be improved. That's what we've been practicing and preaching.

In 2019 we organized our own conference. In 2020 we've taken things to the next level. We wrote a book!

Our book discusses:

  • the theory - why e-commerce is broken, and why helping people works
  • and the practice - inspiring case studies by leading Dutch brands (a.o. Bever, MediaMarkt and Swiss Sense).
  • plus: a step-by-step guide to get started with guided selling.

The initial release of the book is in Dutch, but an English translation will be released in 2022.

Ready to order? Excellent plan! You can do so through our publisher, or

Order the book (Dutch)
‘This is not just any practical book with tips for web shops - it really makes you consider how the e-commerce game has been played for years. And how it can be improved.’