Fullstack Developer

Who still practices single stack these days? We certainly don't! That's why we're looking for a medior / senior full stack developer - with a slight preference for the frontend - to complement our team of other fullstack devs and help us grow our SaaS application.

Something about you

  1. Frontend is your first love, but you're also interested in the intricacies of backend programming. You have experience in Javascript / TypeScript and possibly also in Java, Kotlin or C#. Knowledge of or interest in functional programming is also a plus.
  2. Our stack is fairly multifaceted, so there should be something to your liking. On the frontend we play around with Typescript, React, Redux and recently a bit of Svelte. On the backend you'll find Java and Kotlin combined with Spring. And we're eying Clojure for some upcoming developments. Our data also has to be stored somewhere, which means the usual suspects: Elasticsearch, MongDB, and PostgreSQL. All of that runs on top of Docker and Kubernetes. Extra points for each of those skills, double points if you can convince us of a language or framework of your choice :)
  3. You practice software design. You practice design patterns (even if you invented them yourself). In other words, you think about how you structure software and how it can be properly maintained over a longer period of time. You can substantiate your own choices and challenge those of others. Everyone writes bad code sometimes. You recognize it and think of ways to make it better. We don't do hierarchy at Aiden: you can challenge anyone, as long as you can argue your point.
  4. We are looking for someone with a can-do attitude. Yes, we know, that's a gross sentence in a job description. The point is: you'll be working in a small team. You're a rockstar developer, we understand that. But sometimes we need to check if everything works in lesser used browsers, or if the fridge needs new beers. You're the type of person who goes beyond your job description and just likes to get shit done. Maybe you're someone with a get-shit-done attitude?
  5. Perhaps most importantly: you're curious and eager to learn. You've always had side projects, or you enjoy geeking out on a new topic. Awesome, relevant (or less relevant) hobby projects can sometimes tell us more about your skills than your CV.

Something about us

  1. Aiden is a young software company in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our focus: delivering good work with a group of fun, talented people in healthy harmony with our private lives.
  2. We're a small company and we like it that way. Our customers also appreciate it. And it means a lot of responsibility and freedom for our team.
  3. We're an ambitious bunch of people. But that doesn't mean we're one of those 'always-on' companies. We give you the freedom and flexibility to do what you need to do.
  4. Our goal: to make it easier for consumers to find the right product or service.
  5. We do this with our SaaS platform for guided selling, which our customers (e.g. webshops and insurance companies) can use independently or with our help to create product finders and other advice applications.
  6. Also important: our tech stack. What we're currently working with: Javascript / TypeScript; Java and Kotlin in combination with Spring; Elasticsearch, MongDB, and PostgreSQL; Docker and Kubernetes.

What you'll be up to

  1. Your focus will mainly be on the frontend of our software: you'll create the screens that make our customers and their end users happy. Real tools that are used by real people. Such as our own SaaS application in which webshops can configure their own intelligent guided selling tools.
  2. We're a small business, so reusability is paramount. Nearly every bit of software we write is a generic service, module or plugin. These can, are and will be used for various projects. This applies to both our backend and our frontend. So, you'll write your code like Lego bricks: durable and generic (we won't rule out a movie, either).
  3. At Aiden, we love dog food. This means that as a developer you'll work on the core platform, our modeling tools and on customer implementations. Your focus will be on the frontend, but since you're (interested in) fullstack you'll never leave your backend colleagues hanging if they need some help.
  4. Every new customer provides insights into how things can be done better, faster or more efficiently. Together with the rest of the team, you ensure that we actually do things better, faster, and more efficiently next time.

What we offer

We are not an IT consultancy, so we won't put you in a lease car. What we will do - in addition to paying your salary - is arrange a great workplace with some advantages that the big boys won't give you:

  1. Most importantly: you'll work at a small company. Whatever role you have, you always have a direct impact on how we work and grow.
  2. There's all kinds of fun stuff to work on. We build AI-driven web applications, chatbots, AI-driven web applications with chatbots, machine learning, cryptography, microservices, natural language generation, continuous integration, containerization, (explainable) recommendations, automatic curation - just to name a couple things. We don't do blockchain yet, so no ICO on the horizon.
  3. Our working days are flexible. Standups are at 9.30am (at the office or elsewhere); Tuesday mornings are for sprint planning, Friday afternoons for beers. Since #corona we've gone remote-first, so you'll be working from home. We'll meet up occasionally at the office or elsewhere for some quality (socially distanced) face-to-face time.
  4. Paid time off: you'll get 25 vacation days.
  5. New parent time! If you welcome a child into your family, we'll give you an extra 2 weeks on top of the leave mandated by Dutch law. That extra time does not come out of your regular vacation days.
  6. Summer schedule! During the months of July and August we maintain a summer schedule, working 4 days a week.
  7. And of course time to study, research and expand your knowledge. There's a lot of knowledge to share within our team (we plan regular tech talks for this) and you'll receive an education budget to take courses or attend events.

This is how you apply

  1. Create your CV and a short description of why you're a good fit for Aiden.
  2. Send it to us at hireme@aiden.cx.
  3. We'll let you know within a few days if we see an initial match.