Catalog Manager

Link your products and set your advice logic

Lead your customers to the right product, every single time. Our Catalog Manager makes it easy. Connect the questions and answers you designed to your product catalog, and enrich each product while you’re at it. That's how you decide which customer sees which product at the end of their guided selling journey.

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Link your product catalog

Let’s get strategic. Choose which products out of your entire catalog you want to feature in your guided selling app. Then choose how you want to integrate them. With Aiden, you can upload a CSV file, or integrate directly with a product feed like Magento or Channable for an easy-peasy catalog connection.

Link your products

Match your products

To give great buying advice, you need to go beyond the data that’s (usually) in a product catalog. That’s where the answers your customers give to your questions come in. Aiden makes it easy to match the answers from your guided selling journey to the items in your catalog, so you can start offering advice in no time.

Define which products match your user's answers

Always up to date

If you choose a product feed connection, we’ve got good news for you. Every night we check the product catalog to make sure it's up-to-date. If we find any new products you’ll be notified immediately so you can make sure your guided selling app is always complete.

Your dataset is always up-to-date using feeds.
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