Track the results of every guided selling journey

Congrats, your guided selling app is live! Now comes the fun part: tracking its usage and its impact on the customer journey. Just open the Aiden dashboard and see all the analytics you want in one clean overview.

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Analyze the performance

Sure, you can see how many people start the app, how many people drop off, and how many people reach the advice. But what if we told you can also track how much turnover you’ve generated through the guided selling app? It’s true. Aiden makes it easy to compare guided selling to your traditional sales funnel.

Analyse the performance of advisors

See what doesn't work, and improve it

The first version of any guided selling app is never its best version. Optimization begins with the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t—and why. Aiden Insights gives you an accurate analysis of how your guided selling apps are performing, so you can find ways to constantly improve the conversation.

Perform optimisations based on data

Experiment, experiment, experiment

Use the data from Aiden Insights to play around with your conversation. Aiden supports A/B testing, so you can try asking questions in a different way, adding answer options, or even comparing two completely different versions of the app. Each iteration helps you learn how to improve your conversations and increase sales.

Experiment using AB testing
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