Add the guided selling app to your webshop

You’ve set up the questions. You’ve determined the answers. You’ve defined the advice. Now all that’s left is to add the app to your webshop. The good news: Aiden makes it easy to integrate your guided selling app with just a small piece of code. Want to make a change after going live? Just make your updates in Aiden and publish them with the push of a button.

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Check if everything’s good to go (we’ll help you out)

Use the preview function to click through your guided selling app yourself, just like your customers will do soon. To make sure all the behind-the-scenes logic is correct, we'll send you a warning when something seems amiss. This way, you'll know exactly where to focus for the final touches to your app.

Feedback on your advisor

Add the app to your site

Ready for take off? Simply copy a small piece of code, paste it onto your site where you think it belongs, and voilà: from now on there’s a fancy button your customers can use to open the app.

Embed the advisor on your website

Make changes whenever you want

Need to change a piece of text? Add a new image? Update your brand identity? No problem. Make adjustments within the Aiden dashboard and click “Update”—your changes will immediately be visible on your website, no second (or third, or fourth) integration needed.

Update everything from within Aiden
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