Look & Feel

Make it your own

Set your colors, choose your fonts, and make sure your tool matches the rest of your site. Aiden’s Look & Feel function lets you build a guided selling app that matches your brand perfectly.

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Choose your color palette

Buttons, text, backgrounds—you can change it all. Feel free to fiddle around with your company colors, then see exactly what the app will look like for customers.

Customize the colors

Select your fonts

Aiden’s integration with Google Fonts lets you pick from more than 200 typefaces. So go ahead, customize your headlines and paragraphs however you want—even if that means using the infamous Comic Sans.

Customize the fonts

Preview your styles

Each guided selling app has three sections: a start screen, the question screens, and an advice screen. While you make adjustments to your colors and fonts, you’ll see how your choices apply to each of these screens. You can also see what your flow looks like on desktop versus mobile. Pretty neat!

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