Higher product update frequency & Product availability ⭐️

1 minute readGepubliceerd op 5-3-2021

Some excellent product improvements this month! We've increased the automated update frequency of our product feed integration. Also, products that are listed as 'out of stock' in your feed will no longer show in your product finder. Here's to an up-to-date and relevant product advice!

Higher frequency of product updates
Remember our last update? Our big announcement was the release of our product feed integration. Every 24 hours we run an automated update to ensure an up-to-date data set.

To better service you, we updated the frequency from once every 24 hours to once every 4 hours on the 'Professional' plan. Which means your products are updated 6 times faster!

Once every 4 hours your products are being updated

In our product feed we now process the 'availability' status in the supported Google Shopping feed format. So if your product is out-of-stock it will be filtered out of the results. Once it's back in stock, or is available for pre-order, it's back in the results.

Need help updating your feed?
👉  Check ✨ How to update, remove or add products
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