How increased its SEA conversion rates by 240% in 2 months

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Case study: Alarmsysteemexpert

About the company is a Dutch webshop that lives up to its name: they're an expert in alarm systems. From their showroom in Gorinchem, they help people all over the Netherlands to find and install home security systems.

The challenge

Selling home security system online is a lot more complicated. In the webshop, customers often do not understand the difference between the many options on offer (e.g. the number of megapixels of a camera), so they often call the company or advice. Or they quit their search altogether. wanted to make their excellent in-store advice available to their online customers, so that these customers could independently choose the right camera system.

The solution used the Aiden platform for guided selling to create a product finder for camera systems. By mapping the functionality of the various camera systems, and matching those to common user scenarios, they've created a comprehensive online sales conversation.

The product finder consists of a simple set of questions (how far does the camera need to be able to see clearly, are you skilled at laying cables?), which were linked to the desired product specifications (how many megapixels, wired or wireless) for the right product advice.

With the product finder, customers are now actively assisted in the online purchasing process and they can go through this independently without having to be (or call) an expert. And since the product finder was easy to integrate, it was placed in several spots on the Alarmsysteemexpert website, with immediately impressive results.


  • 60% higher conversion rates than average website users
  • over 2x as many page views
  • 2,5x as much time spent on the website

SEA + product finders: a great match! also employs paid advertising (Google Advertising) in the battle for the customer. Their increasing dependence on SEA (and the rising costs) were a thorn in their side. Especially when combined with unpredictable conversion rates in the webshop.

The product finder also made a significant difference here. Customers who entered through SEA and then used the product finder converted 240% more often than SEA customers who did not use the product finder. Brilliant results that have a significant impact on the dynamics of advertising.

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Marja Silvertant Marja Silvertant

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