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Huge news!

Helping customers find the right product should be as easy as possible. So having your digital assistant hidden away behind a button or banner isn't always your best option. Today we're introducing a new way to integrate your product finder on your e-commerce site.

You can now integrate your Aiden product finder as an in-page app anywhere on your website. Rather than clicking the usual 'start button' and opening a modal, your users can now access the full application as part of the existing content of your webshop.

Check out the difference:


Ready to try out this new feature? Check out this tutorial for step-by-step instructions. We recommend you choose a specific time period as a benchmark (e.g. the past 2 weeks), then experiment with the new integration for a similar timeframe.

Good to know:

  • Integrating in-page will most likely lead to a higher number of sessions. Thankfully, customers that use a guided selling application are generally up to 2x more likely to convert to a sale. So: the more sessions, the merrier. If you're worried about exceeding your license tier, feel free to contact us for assistance.
  • The total size of the in-page application is ~80kb. This is similar to 1-2 product images on a product category page. Hence, the effect of in-page integration on page load times is negligible.
  • The integration uses an IFrame, which is not crawled and indexed by Google. Do you want your product finder to score high on Google Search? Include it in a content page that's optimized for the SEO-term of your choice. In the example above, we could create a separate SEO-page for the search term "car seat finder" that features the same application we display on the category page.

Need help setting up your new in-page integration?

šŸ‘‰ Check our this tutorial: How to integrate the application in your website.

Want to know more about Aiden's new features and improvements? šŸ‘‰ Take a look at our šŸ—’ Release notes.

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