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👋 need some help?

What is guided selling?

Bring in-store assistance online

A customer who wants to buy something often needs a little help. In-store, a sales rep can point them to the right product. Yet online, the offering is huge while personal asisstance is generally unavailable. The result: out of every 100 visitors to a website, only 97 end up buying a product.

Guided selling—the online, automated sales conversation—brings in-store assistance online. Fully automated and scalable. Simply ask a few key questions, then show a customer which products best match their needs. No more choice overload for them, and yes more sales for you.

How it works
Guided selling gives customers the helping hand they need. It’s expert assistance, which makes it easy for customers to find what they need—and to feel confident in their choices.
Why you need guided selling

Helping customers helps your business

Better user experience

Make online shopping less frustrating. Guided selling boosts engagement and eliminates customer stress by helping shoppers through the buying process.

Higher conversions

Ka-ching! Guided selling has increased conversion rates by as much as 5x compared to a traditional sales funnel.

Customer satisfaction

Think your customers are happy? Guided selling journeys can increase NPS scores by more than 30 points.

Fewer returns

Save money on “free” returns. Guided selling helps your customers get the product they want on the first try.


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